CP09 cell phone, including 100% money-back guarantee.

It is unlocked and therefore works on all GSM networks in the USA and Canada.

Color: Onyx black

USD $139

USD $79, minimum order 1 pc.

By clicking on the button "Buy now", you agree that you have read and understood our "Emergency dialing disclaimer" below.

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Emergency dialing disclaimer

The phone will not be functional without a valid SIM card provided by your cellular network operator either under a contract agreement, or on a prepaid basis.

By purchasing the CP09 cell phone, you become "the owner". It is the sole responsibility of "the owner" to activate the "emergency dialing" feature of the telephone. The numbers can be activated by following the user's manual and entering the numbers in memory, including the 911 number. The above applies also for emergency SMS text messages.

In case of emergency, it is the sole responsibility of the user of the CP09 cell phone to communicate his or her location and the character of the emergency to the 911 operator.

If the battery is discharged and the phone is not connected to a power source, neither the usual functions of the cell phone, nor the "emergency dialing" feature will be accessible, until either the battery has been charged or the cell phone connection to a working power source has been restored.

If the cellular network connection is lost, terminated, suspended, or disrupted, neither the usual functions of the cell phone, nor the "emergency dialing" feature will function until the cellular network connection has been restored.

If the cellular network account is terminated or suspended, the service outage will prevent the "emergency dialing" feature from functioning.

We make no guarantees or warranties as to whether, or in which manner, emergency and 911 dialed calls made by the cell phone user are answered or responded to by the local emergency response center or by the national emergency calling centers.

We disclaim any and all responsibility or liability in the event that data used to route 911 dialed calls is incorrect or yields an erroneous result. Neither Big-Cellphone.com owners, employees, officers, stockholders, parent corporation, its affiliated or subsidiary corporations, representatives or agents may be held liable for any claim, damage or loss, and the "the owner" hereby waives any and all such claims or causes of action, arising from or relating to CP09 emergency dialing service.

"The owner" agrees to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Big-Cellphone.com owners, its employees, officers, stockholders, parent corporation, representatives or agents, affiliated or subsidiary corporations, and any other service provider who furnishes services to "the owner" from any and all claims, damages, losses, penalties, suits or actions, fines, cost and expenses (including, but not limited to, attorney fees) or any liability whatsoever, whether suffered, made, instituted or asserted by "the owner" or by any other party or person, for any personal injury to or death of any person or persons, or for any loss, damage or destruction of any property, whether owned by "the owner" or others, or for any invasion or infringement or the right of privacy of any person or persons, caused or claimed to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by the operation, failure or outage of services, incorrect routing, or use of, or inability of a person to use, CP09 "emergency dialing" and dialing features or service or access emergency service personnel. By purchasing the CP09 cell phone "the owner" is also agreeing to the terms of this disclaimer.


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